Vital Exhaustion

by Desperate Living

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Recorded/Engineered by Erol Ulug
Mixed and Mastered by Colin Knight
Additional Vocals on "All Things Come to an End" by Airick Egan
Artwork by Wayne Ballard


released December 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Desperate Living



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Track Name: All Things Come to an End
The ties that bind have come undone
I’ll stand and watch from a raft
The whole fleet is in flames while
You drill 12 more holes just to bring it down faster

Break the skin and watch me bleed
Spit in my face and watch me leave
I've weathered so much
When will I be free?

Quenching my thirst with solitude
Satisfying my hunger with silence
A vow to cure
A year to cleanse
My soul to bathe in the waters of solace

Break the skin and watch me bleed
Spit in my face and watch me leave
I've weathered so much
When will I be free?

All I wanted was just to be loved
Now we’re too far gone; a knife in my back
When we're dead and buried
They will look back
Memories of regret and shame
What we could have had and what we remain
It's an open wound; the thoughts still bring great pain
All things come to an end
Track Name: Wasted Land
Automatons with lifeless eyes
Polluted air corruption and lies
Thousands murdered in the city of filth
And no one bats an eye
No one bats an eye
The infrastructure crumbles
Bodies in the river
No one bats an eye
Choking on the fire
No one fucking cries
Track Name: A Lightless Harmony
No more sense of self.
Drifted far beyond the point of a tangible reality.
Drifted far beyond a discernible reality.

No time spent in peace.
The closest thing is an attempt to sleep.
A lightless harmony.
A sacrificed life, for love.
Pathetic symmetry.
A life envisioned through a lens of desire.

Such a narrow disposition,
breeds conflict within.
Conscience and psyche,

Unable to function alone.
The overbearing feeling that something's still wrong.
Constant attempts to escape a stagnant life.
The trivial bond between man and wife.

Never before have you felt so afraid to enter into the pit.
Emptiness is something that you've misunderstood.
Emptiness is what you'll find in the end.