Demo 2012

by Desperate Living

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released May 2, 2012

Produced and recorded by: Matthew Hulsey at the Roseland Recording Room
Artwork by: Ian Henderson



all rights reserved


Desperate Living



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Track Name: Change
Things change but I stay the same
Friends die and my memory fades
The leaves turn and a cold breeze blows
I leave my room to go for a walk alone
It's one AM as I lay in bed
Awake this late and feeling dead
Visions of you, of the past
Dreams of then, nightmares of now
You were only 26
Taken from us far too soon
Why did it have to be you?
Why couldn't it be him?
Track Name: Nothing
Lately I've been feeling strange
No goals no dreams no future
My life is a blur it's a day in day out
I'm always feeling so numb
I want to go back
It's been so long (so long)
Since I've found worth in anything
It's been so long (so long)
Since I've found interest in anyone
I sit here alone
Everything suddenly becomes so surreal
Pressure to do what you want
Your goals your dreams your plans
Try to tell me they know what's best
I will live my life for myself
It's been so long (so long)
Since I've found worth in anything
It's been so long (so long)
Since I've found interest in anyone
This world means nothing
My life means nothing
This world means nothing
Track Name: Void
What do you do to dull the pain?
What drug what liquor who will you fuck tonight?
The void in your life the emptiness inside
The feeling that your life is passing you by
The thought of your friends all your family
All of them dead in one century
Nobody to remember who you were
All your shit in a landfill
Your bones rot your flame is extinguished
Your essence void there's no escape
You drop out of school and quit your job
You move out of state desperate for a change
But the thought remains nothing lasts nothing matters not even these words
Your desperate life and the constant pain
The thought of your life lived in vain
All by yourself
Just a pale blue dot
Drift in to sleep
Let the black void swallow you
Track Name: Free
My mind my soul my flesh
I'm weak from this living hell
My mind drifts like a boat it drifts into an endless sea
My soul is sick with a cancer it's rotting dying a slow death
My flesh burns with a fire please just let me die
You watched me writhe
You sucked me dry
You tried to tear me down
Now I rise
And I watch you fall
The person I knew is dead
My mind drifts
My soul is sick
My flesh burns
Two years pass and you no longer mean a thing to me
Your iron grip is broken
My mind is finally free
Please leave me alone