I Think I'm Losing Touch

by Desperate Living

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released September 9, 2013

All songs written by: Desperate Living
Recorded and produced by: Rollie Ulug
Additional group vocals on "Isolation Chamber" by: Ronald Uruk
Album artwork by: Jordyn Karpinski



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Desperate Living



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Track Name: I Have A Problem
Everything goes to hell
It's the same old story
I can't hold on to the things I need and what I want is out of reach
Tear it out drag me down
I know you'd do anything to watch me drown in my pain
And to cut the love from my veins
We can blame the past or a fear of loss
I pray this is the last mistake we make twice
Apologies and late night calls
You're digging your grave
We're out of touch and I'm losing faith
I always new it would end this way
Drag me out rescue me
I'm fighting a current I can't escape
The water fills my lungs and the light fades to grey
And it's not getting easy
I'm not that strong
And it's not getting easy
My resolve fades
And it's not getting easy
I think I'm losing touch
Track Name: Isolation Chamber
Every night I lay awake haunted by questions I can't escape
A burning black devoid of light
Eternal night; no coming back
Give me a sign
I'll take anything
A fleeting voice, a vivid dream
I need to know and I'm going insane
Tell me now what does human life mean
Does this mean anything at all?
Will my essence continue on?
I wanna know how it feels to die
When I suffer nights will I see a light?
Will my body burn?
What happens to the mind?
Is heaven real or just a fever dream?
I wanna know how it feels to die
My life escaping me
My vision fading grey
These thoughts they plague my mind
Thoughts I can't escape
All I want is to know the truth
About the afterlife and where I'm headed to
Can someone answer me?
Put my mind at ease
Only time will tell what's in store for me
What I'm doing here and what the answers are
How it feels to die
Track Name: Burnt Tongue
I sigh as I clip my feet into the leather straps
I take another breath before leave
I feel the pain melt away
Laugh off all the problems of yesterday
I gaze out to the water so longingly
I want to feel the waves wash over me
I can hear it I can hear it
Begging for a man to satisfy
Calling me to fall into it's warm embrace
I'm suspended on a bridge
Look off into an irresistible haze
Something's got to give
I've been handed one more reason to live
I give into the voices that are telling me
Swim right now out in to the open sea
Finally feel the waves wash over me
Break the surface take another breath
Laugh about who I used to be
Baptized in the ocean's grey
I am reborn
Track Name: Living Desperate
I'm holding on by a thread
No money not a dime to my name
But I'm surviving, I'm fucking fighting
For what I know is waiting at the end
I'm living desperate
But at least I take solace in the fact
That I'm doing exactly as I want
No one to stop me or hold me back
To say no
I'm holding on by a thread
No money not a dime to my name
But I'm surviving, I'm fucking fight
For what I know is waiting at the end
Can't afford the bare essentials for myself
My mind is wasting my body screaming for help
I'm fucking starving My health is failing
But I wouldn't have it any other way
Living desperate
No money no job
Living desperate
No more depression no delusion
Living desperate